Android rooting

How to root & install recovery in nexus 5

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Now that the bootloader on your Nexus 5 is unlocked,nexus 5_root_1 you are probably thinking about whether or not you should flash a custom recovery and root. If you decide that root is for you, we’ve put together a set of instructions for you to root your device in the old school, manual way. Its just like automated method just have to watch how it does.   rsz_read_more


Easy way to unblock bootloader for nexus 5

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Whenever we get a new Nexus device, our mind thinks twonexus 5_unblock things immediately. The first is to unbox the device. Once we are finished there, we immediately go and unlock the bootloader. Why? Well, because unlocking the bootloader of a phone setting and making it all personal, we like to unlock the bootloader so that we don’t worry about it.  rsz_read_more