New iTunes updates for iOS 7

Dropbox :

Dropbox has now rolled out a new update for its iOS app. The changes, announced include an all-new design for iOS 7 as well as several new features and improvements. The new UI comes with a cleaner design and a new blue-on-white app icon. The update, titled Version 3.0, brings a streamlined interface for iPad users as well. Users can now just tap on their files and photos to toggle to full-screen mode. The update also improves sharing and exporting, making it easier for users to send files to their apps.


Dropbox on iOS 7 now gives users the option of directly saving their videos to the library and offers AirDrop support as well. One of the biggest changes that Dropbox claims with version 3.0 is the increase in speed, with faster launch, photo loading and video playback promised. The new version also comes with a fix for HTML render problems and a variety of crash bugs. An updated PDF viewer has also been packed into the update.

Download link :  Official link   ,   iTunes

Google Play Music :

Google Music offers two services – the standard service and “All Access”. Both allow you to store your music in the Cloud, and stream that music. All Access adds a radio station as well – which is where they are going to butt heads with Apple’s iTunes Radio. However, Google’s All Access is ad-free, whereas iTunes Radio is not. That will matter to people if they are paying the $9.99 monthly fee to go premium.

ios 7

Download link :  Google Music

Rdio :

Rdio provides a free limited music streaming service, but for $5 per month you can stream unlimited music via the Rdio web browser or desktop client. For an extra $5 per month, you can have Rdio streaming to your iPhone, over both a Wi-Fi and cellular connection. If that’s not enough, you can also save songs and albums to your iPhone for offline listening.

ios 7_1

Download link  :  Rdio

Please Stay Calm :

Please Stay Calm is one of those energy based MMO games where you are simply clicking icons to perform actions. It’s simple, but there is a major twist in this particular game, and that is the real-world element. When you go through the game using your energy to level up your zombie hunter, you are doing it at places near you.

ios 7_2

Download link  :  iTunes

YouTube Capture 2.0 :

YouTube Capture app for iOS, it is still nowhere to be found on Android. Meanwhile, the iOS app has had an update that brings Vine-like recording and advanced video-editing tools. In Vine, you record a video by tapping and holding the red button, while releasing the button stops it recording. YouTube Capture 2.0 now has a similar mechanism so that users can shoot short clips and stitch them together easily.

ios 7_3

Download link  :   iTunes

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn has integrated heavily with Pulse to launch a new way of consuming professional news on mobile and desktop, replacing the current LinkedIn Today. The Pulse app has had a redesign but retains the basics of its stylish tile layout. Additionally, since you now have to log into LinkedIn to use it, Pulse has become interactive with social actions like commenting and liking.

ios 7_4

Download link :  iTunes

Gmail :

Google gets an updated app for the iPhone and iPad. The latest design changes make it more suitable for iPad’s expansive screen estate. As Google says, it gives you a more immersive experience but also extra room for serious multitasking. The Gmail app takes full advantage of the two orientations – landscape and portrait — to give you a smoother workflow.

ios 7_5

Download link :   iTunes

Vine :

Vine is a popular free app from Twitter that allows you to shoot and share seven-second looping videos online. The service, which is also available for Android and Window Phone, helped kick-start the short looping video craze which was later picked up by Instagram. Shooting Vine videos can be a little tricky for first time users. Start a new video by tapping the camera icon on the top-right. When it’s time to record something, tap and hold your finger on the iPhone screen. There’s no dedicated recording button like you find on the iPhone video camera. Vine’s camera will automatically focus on the subject you’re recording, so wait a second or two for that to happen before you start recording.

ios 7_6

Download link  :   iTunes

Dead Trigger 2 :

Dead Trigger 2 is as beautiful as games get on mobile. Dead Trigger 2 reimagines and simplifies the controls: the left half is for movement, the right half is for aiming. When your gun locks on to a zombie, it auto-fires. Once you are done with the story mode, there are lots of side missions to keep you entertained, in addition to the periodic updates Madfinger pushes out to extend the gameplay.

ios 7_7

Download link :  iTunes


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