iOS 7 Control Center For Android

Android developer Smart Dev Studio has released iOS 7 Control Center on Android as a Google Play Store app, which admittedly looks exactly like its Apple archetype.

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To use Control Center, you must first enable it by launching the app and tapping the ‘Start Service’ toggle after which it begins doing its job in the background. All other toggles are turned on by default but you can always disable non-required ones anytime you wish, including Arrow Indicator and Touch Vibration. Tapping Touchable Area within settings expands the menu to a proceeding screen where you may select touchable area style (left, center and right) and specify width and height of the Control Center pane itself. When ready, you can exit the settings screen of the app, although it will keep running in the background until you manually disable the service the same way.

Hi-Tools-Studio-Bring-iOS-7-Control-Center-On-Android-Review-Main Hi-Tools-Studio-Bring-iOS-7-Control-Center-On-Android-Review-Touchable-Area

When Control Center is enabled and you have the ‘Arrow Indicator’ parameter turned on in settings, a miniscule arrow appears at the bottom of the screen right beneath the app dock. This arrow basically is an indicator to Control Center, and you can either tap it or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring the CC pane into view Features mentioned below.

Features :
– iPhone iOS 7 UI Style
– Quickly access to Miss Call and Miss SMS
– Wi-fi, Rotation, Bluetooth, Flashlight, GPS, Data sync, Data connection(2G/3G/4G)  on/off
– Volume up/down
–  on/off
– Volume silent
– Airplane Mode, Brightness, Vibration function
– Quickly open Clock, Calculator  &  Quickly launch Camera
– Long press toggle button to open the setting screen
– Screen timeout in toggle button
– Display on/off in lock screen
– More customize shortcut icon
– One click to Free Memory
– Multiple theme
– Long press the arrow indicator able to hide in status bar

Hi-Tools-Studio-Bring-iOS-7-Control-Center-On-Android-Review-CC Hi-Tools-Studio-Bring-iOS-7-Control-Center-On-Android-Review-Update

iOS Control Center on Android is up for grab at Google Play Store absolutely for free and works on Android version 4.0 and up.

Here is the  Download link 1  ,   Download link 2

Thanks to Google Play.


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