How to transfer music from iPod or iPad to PC

SharePod is music management freeware, specially designed and created to copy music to your iPod so that you can share your music collection with other computers without any installation. It is more flexible, quick and responsive. It was primarily designed to be small in size. With SharePod, you can create playlists compatible with Winamp to listen to your music directly from your iPod, without having to copy files on your hard disk previously. SharePod has made continuous improvements since its first version with the aim to enhance and adapt to users request.

Installing SharePod on your computer

1. After downloading the SharePod zip file, also available on Kioskea, extract the contents to your iPod drive or your PC. Your iPod should appear as a removable disk in your “My Computer” when connected. It might take a few minutes for your iPod to be detected.

2. Go to the Sharepod folder. Double click on Sharepod.exe.

Please be careful not to run SharePod and iTunes simultaneously as your iPod might get out of sync with both softwares.

Steps :

  • Ensure that your iPod is connected to your computer.
  • Open iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically.
  • Select the iPod, click “Settings” and disable the option “Open iTunes when iPod is attached”.
  • Scroll down and uncheck the options.
  • Select Enable disk use and click Apply.


Using SharePod

When iTunes is correctly configured, go to the SharePod file and double-click on the below icon:

The playlist on the left of your screen is called the “Master Playlist”. It lists all the music and files found on your iPod. Below are some ways to copy the files to your computer:

  • Select the desired files and click on Copy to PC on the top of the window.
  • Drag selected files from your iPod into your Windows Explorer window.
  • To copy a playlist to your computer, first click with the right mouse button on the selected playlist. Then choose “Copy to PC”. This will automatically copy all music from the playlist to your computer.

If you want to transfer all the music from your iPod to your computer, you simply have to right-click on the “Master Playlist” and select Copy to PC.

To add music from your computer to your iPod, drag files and folders from the Windows Explorer to the “Master Playlist”. You can also click the Copy to iPod button. SharePod supports MP3, M4a and M4v files. What’s fantastic with SharePod is that it detects duplicated music files so you won’t copy the same tracks twice.

Note: Sharepod doesn’t yet support iOS 4 devices entirely. You will find the possibility to create backups, but you can’t add files on your iPod Touch or iPhone.


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