How to create bootanimation for android phone

Everyone will be very eager to know  how to change the bootanimation in android device.  Here comes easy and simple steps to customize  your device as you wish.

I will be explaining to create own bootanimation and how to keep that in your device.To follow these steps your phone must be rooted first.


Step 1 :

Open Photoshop(or any other image editor).Make the background color black and then place the image layer above background layer and make its opacity 0% and save it as PNG named 0000 and then keep on increasing the opacity (Remember name for First Image should be 0000.png,for second 0001.png,for third 0002.png and so on.Save them in your device’s resolution.

Step 2 :

Make two folder named part0 and part1. Put your images created in those folder.For Ex. 0000.png to 0009.png in part0 and 0010.png to 0070.png in part1.

Step 3 :

Create desc.txt
and write:-

 240 320 24
 p 1 0 part0
 p 0 0 part1

and save it.

Step 4 :

Create a folder named bootanimation and in that put part0,part1 and desc.txt. Compress bootanimation folder to bootanimation.Zip

Step 5 :

Using ES File Explorer ( any other alternatives) to get root access. Copy to ” system\media ” (Remember change mount to R/W).

Step 6 :

Reboot the device and Enjoy your bootanimation .

Thanks to Xda


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