How to change the bootanimation in android phone

Here am going to tell methods of changing bootanimation in android device. The bootscreen is that animation that plays during your phone’s (admittedly long) power-on sequence. It’s really easy to switch it out and, provided you’ve found one you like, I can show you how to change it. Android is one of the well known mobile operating system for easy customization.

Requirements :
1. Bootanimation file or you can create bootanimation by yourself as i explained in my previous post. Download from here .

2. Device must be rooted .

Method 1 :

This is manual method of changing bootanimation.

1. Download the  ES File Explorer from play store (free). Then Install it on your device. Copy the in your sdcard.

2.  Open Es File Explorer & go to System/media you will get, long press on it > choose rename & rename it to

3. Now go to the folder where you have placed the new .

4. Long press on it & copy the new & go to system > media again.

5. Now in EsFile explorer settings you can root options over there just check Mount R/O. So click on that button once & it will get changed to Mount R/W.

6. Now paste the new in System/media .

7. Longpress on the fresly pasted & choose permission

8. Now a popup box will appear, tick all the check box & select OK.

9. Restart your cell & you will be able to see the new boot animation file.
That’s it now enjoy your new bootanimation in your phone.

Method 2 :

This Recovery Flash Method for to use this your phone should already flashed the recovery ( CWM,TWRP etc.. )

The flashable .zip method is as straight-forward as straight-forward can be:

1. Put the .zip file on your sdcard

2. Boot your phone into the recovery console

3. Select “Flash ZIP from sdcard”

4. Find the .zip file

5. Flash it

6. Enjoy.


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