Google releases limited period ‘sale’ on Play Store for Android Games

Google has kicked off a sale on the Play Store, where a bunch of games are up for grabs at discounted prices. Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the sale and not all the games are discounted, strictly speaking. Up for grabs are Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Incredipede, Order & Chaos Online, Choplifter HD, The Bard’s Tale, Principia, Anomaly Korea, Skylanders Battlegrounds and Anodyne.

These Games are listed below :

1. Choplifter HD


Download link :  Google play link

2. The Bard’s Tale


Download link :  Google play link

3. Anomaly Korea


Download link : Google play link

4. Principia


Download link :  Google play link

5. Incredipede


Download link :  Google play link

6. Skylanders Battlegrounds™


Download link :  Google play link

7. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted


Download link :  Google play link

8. Plex for Android


Download link :  Google play link

9. GoneMAD Music Player Unlocker


Download link :  Google play link

10. HDR FX Photo Editor Pro


 Download link : Google play link

11. Cut the Rope HD


Download link :  Google play link

12. Spirits


Download link : Google play link

13. Total War Battles


 Download link : Google play link

While some games are definitely on sale, such as NFS and Anodyne, the latter of which is available at an 80 percent discount, the inclusion of Incredipede is quite puzzling. The “discounted” price for the indie darling is Rs 242, but it seems to be much more affordable on iPhone, where it costs Rs 220 without any sale going on. However, a couple of highlights from the sale are The Bard’s Tale—a remake of the PS2-era parody of high fantasy RPGs—and Anomaly Korea—an inversion of the tower defense genre.

If you’re looking for some more Android games for affordable prices, you can check out the ongoing Humble Mobile Bundle 3. The bundle includes Epoch, Rymdkapsel, SpellTower and Swordigo (which is making its Android debut through the bundle). Paying over the average (currently $5.43, or Rs 338) will get you Kingdom Rush, Hundreds, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Desert Bus and Ridiculous Fishing (again, Android debut).

With a little over six days to go, the bundle is sitting on almost $500,000, with more than 93,000 people having bought it already.  When purchasing the bundle, buyers get to decide where the money goes—developers, charities or a Humble tip—and can use sliders to decide how much of the money will be split to go where. The charities that are part of the bundle include the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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