Best Android Weather Apps 2013

Legend has it that back in the day – before we had our fancy gadgets and detailed up-to-date weather forecasts – we had the ‘Old Timers’.  These were the people who could predict the weather by just looking at the sky, smelling the wind or simply observing Nature.

Sadly, those days are long gone. But our fascination with keeping ourselves up to date with weather forecasts continues on.

If you’re an Android owner then you’re in luck because Google Play Store boasts one of the most extensive collections of weather apps. And if you’re reading this article then, we presume, you’re definitely searching for one.

1. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather fetches accurate weather from almost all the corners of the world.


Besides its stunning design, what makes it really shine is its ability to let users upload weather pictures from different locations, complete with multiple day and night themes.

By signing in to your Yahoo account, you can also sync weather information across multiple devices. And finally, it also offers customizable widgets for home screen, lock screen and other widget supported areas.

Download link : Yahoo Weather

2. Weather Bug

WeatherBug is no slouch when it comes to weather accuracy, because it pulls real-time data from the largest, most powerful forecast sensors in the world.


Coupled with a great looking design, the app allows you to add multiple locations, cities, regions and countries to keep an eye on changing weather throughout the globe, which is a handy feature specially suited for frequent travellers.

Download link : WeatherBug

3. Eye In Sky Weather

Eye In Sky Weather would have been our first choice. Boasting a minimalist yet elegant design, the app is quite intuitive to use and lets you customize its various aspects to however you prefer.


The app offers two weeks forecast, complete with information like temperature, humidity, wind speed and more. It also includes 14 different weather icon sets, some of which look fairly stunning to say the least. And if you still don’t like them, you can add your own collection too.

Download link : Eye In Sky Weather

4. WeatherSignal

Weather apps come and go, but only the most innovative ones actually gain some popularity. One of them is OpenSignal’s WeatherSignal. Unlike most traditional weather apps, and those mentioned above, WeatherSignal fetches temperature reading via your device’s built-in sensor.


Of course, most devices can’t provide such data due to the lack of such sensors, but WeatherSignal allows devices like the Galaxy S4, which comes with an integrated ambient sensor, to measure the temperature, humidity, air pressure, magnetic flux and more.

Download link : WeatherSignal

5. Accu Weather

AccuWeather is also one of the few weather apps that offer equally awesome experience on both Android phones and tablets. The UI is meticulously designed to work in low and high-resolution screens.


The app alerts you via push notifications during severe weather, like thunderstorms and those deadly tornadoes, though this feature is only supported in the US as of its latest release. The main issue with AccuWeather is its speed; the app runs slow and feels quite sluggish especially on older devices. But if you own a latest device then that won’t be much of a problem.

Download link : AccuWeather

6. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has everything you need, in an easily understandable interface. When launched, you’re shown today’s forecast. And if you want more information, such as hourly forecast, wind speed, detailed satellite information, and other details, you can simply swipe left and right.


The Weather Channel also comes packaged with app widgets, though not the very best looking ones. They are simple, yet very functional, and come in different sizes

Download linkThe Weather Channel

7. EZ Weather

The app is one of the simplest weather apps we’ve seen in a long time. And even if you aren’t a fan of minimalist app designs, EZ Weather is still worth taking a look.


It opens up to a Holo-inspired home screen, which immediately presents you with current, high and low temperature readings. The app also measures other pertaining information like wind speed and humidity. It’s also probably the first app that allows you to separately specify each metric unit which includes temperature, wind, dew point, time, date etc.

Download link : EZ Weather

8. 1Weather

1Weather goes 7 day into the future to present extended forecast and precipitation info. Akin to the AccuWeather, its lets you toggle severe weather alerts about extreme weather warnings and supports live weather updates in US.


Speaking of widgets, it has some really nice, clean-looking ones to help you embellish your Home or lock screen. That said, Dashclock users can also integrate 1Weather into the app’s various widgets size options.

Download link1Weather

9. Nice Weather

Nice Weather looks fairly different from traditional weather apps though, thanks to its flat, minimalist UI. It showcases the weather conditions with the help of simple looking weather icons.


Nice Weather can save forecasts information for offline access on your device, which in turn keeps you updated even when you’re out and about in places without internet access. Nice Weather has a temperature graph at the bottom with a miniscule dot that shows where you are now on the progression.

Download link : Nice Weather

10. Go Weather

GO Weather is reliable enough to find accurate weather readings of 100,000+ locations worldwide. It tells you all the required information including time, date, feel like, high & low temperature, wind, humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset time, as well as alerts you upon severe weather.


Another interesting bit are its live wallpapers in both day and night modes. The available set of choices includes sunny, rainy, snowy, thunder, cloudy, overcast and foggy.

Download linkGO Weather


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